Where to host SharePoint test environment?
For testing UI of existing or new application of SharePoint one need is somewhere with latest built on. Build we mean is code that the developers written and complied used for developing or deploying of SharePoint.
Initially the deployment and building of application needs to be fully automated. Now we currently use Visual SAF tool for building and developing in house. However one can also use console apps, Wix or power shell which depends on development team.
However let’s assume that package of ‘latest change’ and stick to it. Here our SharePoint Training in Chennai explains you entirely about SharePoint Testing.

Where to host your environment?

To do testing we need to do few options as follows
• On premise environment
• On premise virtual environment
• Environment based o cloud

The above decision is important and few factors that need to be followed is considered

• Cost: one must think how much Kit is needed, server admin cost and software license costs.

• Reliability: if one going to check project through life cycle the kit reliable is needed

• Base line ability to live: this is the main feature one needs. One needs to check which can affect the test.

• Support: One must have supporting environment if something goes wrong.
• Time set up: time set up and proper organization is needed
• Complexity of application test: need for Complexity of application test
• Internet connection: If one chooses cloud you need fast connection for automated test. Also need to upload test results beyond size of standard

Virtual Environment and Snapshots notes

For testing DocRead one must create ‘demo environment’ with data staging which we need. This has types of artefacts
• Testing of pages
• List libraries test
• Users test
• Sites, webs and web application test
• Configuration of service apps
• Audiences and groups

Once after setting up and defined in SharePoint in a spreadsheet we document it and create snapshot. After snapshot creation at any point we can revert back in minute to the base line instead of weeks. This process gives confidence to one even if the bus raised in the environmental issues. For this reason we should never use of physical environment for the testing unless the performance test.

On-premise environment

Each and everyone environment is different but we choose to test our environment with cloud share because

• We need not to worry about low level networking or physical environment
• It’s less cost and we also get license which is required
• The entire environment can be snapshot in machine by machine or in one go
• We can share clones environment to other users very easily
• And also we have tons of starting point to build their showcase and checkouts


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