As on series of SharePoint Testing we intend to share and learn the testing of automation of add on called as DocRead. This specifically covers testing of integrating and functioning and not unit testing.
Microsoft visual studio 2013 supports complete play and record through the coded UI for test performance in SharePoint 2013 applications. The features of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 can be tested using UI code with exceptions.
Playing and recording on application of SharePoint is no different from the webpage recording on Internet Explorer and internally coded UI is used. The upcoming session teaches how to generate code, play and record it back. To know more about SharePoint 2013 UI Testing visit our SharePoint Training in Chennai.

Changes in Hand coding

While playing back and recording UI code on SharePoint 2013 is seamless and few scenarios required making the test run seamlessly. The following hand coding changes applied in Microsoft SharePoint 2013 testing site
Working of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 in Excel
Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Cross Browser testing

Working of Microsoft SharePoint 2013 in Excel

By using Visual Studio 2012 one can record and playback on SharePoint 2013 within Microsoft Office 13 controls. One can also edit, delete or add all kinds of office control using office web app Microsoft SharePoint 2013. During working with control Excel few codes applied to change in order to pass the test. If one records actions on empty cell then this type of action can be hand coded by double clicking on cell and performs text operations. This process is necessary because by clicking the cell followed by action on keyboard activates text area in the cells. By recording set value on empty cell it will search or text area is not present until it is clicked. By clicking Set value followed by recoding and changing generating codes by double clicking and tick.
Known Issues:

  • Trying to set some values by recording an actions to any cell followed by key to playback correctly.
  • Cross browser playback cell editing failure

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 Cross Browser testing

The Visual Studio 2012 updates 1 installed and can check Microsoft SharePoint 2013
Sites on supported browsers like Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. The playback is seamless on playback on cross browser and may encounter failures with fixed hand coding.
During playback on Google Chrome one may encounter situation where embedded is controlled inside another control and playback might fail the control with control exception blocked actions. If image is embedded inside hyperlink and trying on hyperlink to click will record the image which is clicked.
In other scenarios even there have good properties for search to control for failed playback. This cause the problem with wait for ready and not for honored. To handle this case add small wait before searching playback control and solves the problem.
In other scenario the playback on cross browsers fails to click failed action blocked exception control throwing. This happens when control embedded with other control. This can be solved by following steps
o Open file UI map
o The exception throwing UI action panel selects action
o Select UI control and change the UI
o Save file UI map

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