Here we the team of SharePoint Training in Chennai provides you the most common upgrading issues. Check these issues if you find any difficulties please let us know.
To check the common issues in your site

Q: I don’t see UI controls which is usually seen in page

A: Reset the default version page. In site UI by making changes the problem causes in the upgrades site. Suppose if page is customized to place the control of UI in location of non standard and to recover control one can reset page to default version. To page reset can make use of definition of reset to site link under the site actions on pages of site settings or can use command of reset to template in SharePoint Designer.

Q: The view is not working on large list any longer

A: For large list create new views, folders and indexed columns. The indexed column should add to existing views. The query or view will not be permitted if the list is large, threshold throttling and users perform or view query exceeds its limit. The creation of indexed columns with views filter, set limit for large view, organize an item to folder and use the external list. For further information regarding throttling is seen at libraries and manages lists on online office.

This one is the first issue founded by our SharePoint Training in Chennai Experts. This is the very most common one we can easily solve this.

Q: I face problem in name of duplicate content type

A: Rename content fields or types which conflict with default names. Sometimes the custom elements have named which conflicts with name of new versions. In log files upgrade one may see error as failed to activate features collection sites on URL. Duplicate content type name “Name” found. This type of error indicates third party content type which is added in SharePoint Server 2010. During SharePoint Server 2013 upgrade name is conflicted default by same name. So rename third party content type as specified with different name and upgrade & run again.

Q: I see script error and my site looks messy which doesn’t behave properly

A: Reset the page or edit the page to default version or replace custom files or remove it. The problems with inline Java script or CSS files or customs can cause these problems.

Q: My site custom content disappeared

A: The master page should be changed or the content of specific zones should be changed. The master pages have various kinds of layouts in zones and content might not be correctly referred. So one can try by resetting the pages to default version as last resort. One may lose specific zone content if he reset the page.

Q: I face problem when I upgrade fast search center site to 2013 experience

A: By using Enterprise Search Center template recreate the site. Fast search center cannot be updated to 2013 experience but one can continue mode by working in 2010 after upgrade. If one wants to work on 2013 mode ne must create new functionality.

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