The use of SharePoint as strategic platform in organization is to take advantage of Microsoft Excel functionality in team and add collaboration opportunities in project team. In simpler case excel based management of project as SharePoint list central and has advantages through the central synchronization, editing information of project, creating standard forms and team access. We SharePoint Training in Chennai found these tools as a most valuable tools for all SharePoint Experts.
To implement comprehensive project management for SharePoint as complete solution for SharePoint project management. PMOffice365 is platform that supports SharePoint 2013, SharePoint Foundation, Microsoft Office 365 and SharePoint 2010 which provides functional comprehensive project management in various areas like
• Management of project
• Team organization
• Reporting and controlling project
• Management process
• Management of document
• Management of interface
• Risk management

In foreground is Project requirements, project uniform structure, project teams and partial projects. Each structure of objects variety of field attribute without adjustments. One can add large number of attributes to individual requirements and also can hide and adjust to masks which are available. And also can customize the terms in language.

Web browser User interface

For mapping views available in dynamic list are evaluated and reported as similar to Microsoft Excel which can sort or group.
PMOffice365 of direct functions can accessible through web browser. One can edit various types of clear masks project information with tab titles. When creating project these masks is configured extensively and management of project information opens all the times. Settings depends on certain riders through available selected groups so one can manage budgets of projects can see through the basic information projects. Our SharePoint Training in Chennai will explain about this web browser interface in detail.

Project information in Detail

Next to project the part of project team is created for the individual task to add requirements, individual employees assign and defining the dependency between the team and tasks. To manage project team the module of functions is available and these added contacts of projects can synchronize with outlook of Microsoft.
In requirements of project tab currently for task appear or defined project requirements can be directly edited from supplemented or mask of new tasks or request. The task by nature is complex and requires processing of downstream with multiple stakeholders.

Management of Project document

The tab project documents can upload any documents regarding project and assign current project. The possible classification of document type is for analysis or workflows. Also document of automatic version is carried when one upload document of newer version. PMOffice365 direct processing is possible so one can manage and configure to create project documents.

Project staff and Project team

The module available for management project staff and project team are separate. The allocation of percentage is for project teams and members. The overload of possible employee is recognized and eliminated by tasks redistributing.

Reporting of Project

The comprehensive functions of reporting offered by PMOffice365 and it preconfigured centrally as individual by individual users for our purpose and can be established. The evaluation includes as follows:
• Evaluations of cross project workloads and budgets project
• Project task pending evaluation resubmissions
• Gantt Web part project evaluation
All this evaluation is in form of excel for further pass or analyze on third parties.

Project workflows and Process management

Through defined process of information the individual object structure automatically configure workflow. In this approval or feedback workflow the project of individual project task as whole for the documents and cost projects. The pure workflow information easily configured through automated notifications of mail.

Management of Interface

The master data run usually for example data of employee to information cost or central directory in existing systems of ERP. Depend on needs determine from systems of ERP. PMOffice365 alternatively can used in ERP system for cost of planned project and provides information. The possible combinations are not configuring directly. However to process data in other system Microsoft SharePoint offers the prepared data interfaces and web services to systems of third party. The existing systems integration is possible here. PMOffice365 direct processing information is in the product of Microsoft Office is standard without adjustments.


Microsoft SharePoint is combination platform universally and specialize management project solutions in PMOffice365 to provide functions for advanced management of project needs. Through configuration the not available functions f standard can be added and also hide the unused areas. We can also easily integrate existing infrastructure with systems internally.
Henceforth PMOffice365 is good compared to Excel project management which is also complex solution project management with implementation process complex. So the project management portfolio can be determined through this method.

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